Boatbuilding Materials

This is our materials section:


There are several types of marine grade plywood that we offer. Many are confused by the different specifications of the plywood that we offer, so here are the basics:

Okoume Plywood is lighter than the rest of our plywood. It is also more flexible, and thus takes curves much easier. It also absorbs slightly more resin at the surface, and is slightly more porous.

The manufacturers for our Okoume plywood are either:

A quality name in plywood for over 70 years.

The leading European manufacturer of legal, certified Okoume plywood.

We have also used plywood from Poplite specialty panels in the past.
Their quality is nearly that of Joubert, and Bryunzeel.

Meranti Plywood comes in two specifications, Aquatek (6566 Meranti) and Hydrotek (1088 Meranti)

The primary difference between the two, aside from price, is that the 6566 standard is slightly more loose on the variance in ply thickness. In other words the plies can be slightly thicker or thinner between layers as compared to the 1088 spec. There are some other technical differences, but this is the biggest.

For the most part all of our plywood has "A" faces, and is quite beautiful on both sides. Rarely are there any visible knots, and usually smaller than 2 cm if they do show up.

We source the best possible marine grade 1088, and 6566 plywood, and have been told on many occasions that our prices and shipping costs make us a better price than any local vendors found by our customers.

Epoxy Resin:

We offer primarily two types of marine epoxy. MarinEpoxy, our house brand, and SilverTip. Our house brand MarinEpoxy was formulated with the help of our Designer and Engineer Jacques Mertens. It is the best general purpose epoxy we have used and continues to be favored by our builders. When mixed with our fillers it makes great adhesives and putties.

SilverTip Resins are the champagne of epoxy. Very fast, clear wet-out of fiberglass, and superior mechanical properties make SilverTip resins the best in the business. Silvertip resins come in pre-mixed putties like Quick-fair and EZ-Fillet as well as Gel-Magic structural adhesive, which is made to be a non-sagging adhesive for vertical, and overhead surfaces


We carry a wide range of fiberglass cloth, including biaxial, and woven wide cloth, as well as fiberglass tape and specialty fabrics


We carry an assortment of fillers for all of your boat-building needs including wood flour for making adhesives, fumed silica for adding rigidity and decreasing density, phenolic microballoons for increasing sandability and reducing density, milled and chopped glass fibers and milled cotton fibers for adding strength, glass bubbles for reducing density and adding some abrasion resistance, graphite powder for abrasion resistance, and non-skid acrylic grit for adding to topcoat for a non-skid surface.