De25 build

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Re: De25 build

Post by Pat4 »

It’s fall in the Netherlands. Lots of rain and temperatures around 10c (50F).
But we are still boating!
We spend the last weekends on the boat.
Never done this before and it’s very nice to have a longer boat season then just the time between April and end of September.
Diesel heater is working! Nice and warm.
No foggy windows thanks to the heater
Kitchen is small. But big enough to prepare a simple meal!

F6FFB13C-E9F2-4053-880E-C59563CE1FDB.jpeg (74.7 KiB) Viewed 127 times

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Re: De25 build

Post by cracked_ribs »

Man, what a great looking machine. Cool to see it getting enjoyed!

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Re: De25 build

Post by Jeff »

Nice!!! Jeff

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