Hybird MF14

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Re: Hybird MF14

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Jaysen wrote: Wed Jun 09, 2021 7:46 pm Am I the only one that is both excited and depressed when chenier posts updates?
I am pretty sure it is amazement in my case. Well throw some talent envy in there with it :wink:

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Re: Hybird MF14

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Truly first class workmanship. Love the homebuilt bronze fittings.

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Re: Hybird MF14

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Time for the mundane: I made ventilation plates. These replace the solid inspection hatch covers during the off-season allowing the hull to air out a bit. Screens keep critters out.


I took the hatch covers ruined by incompatible paints (months ago) and cut half-moons in them with a hot knife. Kept a handle in the middle because they twist on a coarse thread into the hatch seat. Then drilled holes around the rim and sewed on aluminum screen with 18-gauge copper wire.

Let me tell you, sewing with copper wire isn't in danger of becoming a big fad. :roll: On to mast-making ...

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