Wade's GV10

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Re: Wade's GV10

Post by wadestep »

Weight (est)
140# fully glassed, foamed, cleated
110# motor at 9.9hp (year 2007)
16# fuel
18# battery
then add:
200# person, speed max is 21mph! comfortable planing at 12-15 mph
320# of people speed is comfortable 12-15 mph, good planing
400# of people/dog, very marginal planning at WOT.

I wish I had a lighter, non pro-kicker motor (different gearing), performance would be better. Even better if it was a 2-stroke. But, the engine was bought for other reasons, and is what I have. Out of play money to try to change that for now.

I'll try to get an overall shot sooner or later.

Completed : OB19, CC14, GV10.

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Re: Wade's GV10

Post by crackedconch »

Congratulations Wade!!!


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Re: Wade's GV10

Post by ks8 »

Excellent! Congrats! 8)

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