FL14 Tennessee/Wisconsin build

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Re: FL14 Tennessee/Wisconsin build

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The paint on the exterior of the hull is Rustoleum. The process of getting the hull ID number and registration in Tennessee was a bit of a Catch-22 but ultimately was easy. (To get a hull ID for a homemade boat you have to fill out the form to request a registration number but one of the items the form asks for is the hull ID.) I made a stencil and hand painted the registration number. The name on the transom (named by our son) is a vinyl sticker.

We've had it out rowing three times on a couple lakes so far and are taking it out again this afternoon. We will doubled up the transom thickness so we can mount an outboard and will be getting a small one soon. Now we just need to learn to be better fishers.

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Re: FL14 Tennessee/Wisconsin build

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Great thread!!! Nice build!!! Jeff

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Re: FL14 Tennessee/Wisconsin build

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Love the name and colors! Enjoy the time on the water!

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Re: FL14 Tennessee/Wisconsin build

Post by gstanfield »

Aripeka Angler wrote: Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:00 pm
Fuzz wrote: Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:07 pm Some years ago a guy built a very nice little boat. His work was great but he used cheap plywood and did not cover it with glass. After 2-3 years it had checked so badly he cut it up and hauled it to the dump.
Actually, two different guys.
Plumbertuck and GStanfield.
Tuck cut up his boat with a chainsaw and the other guy hauled his boat to the dump if I remember correctly.
I’d glass every exposed piece of wood on the boat.

I cut mine up with a chainsaw, but the main reason for cutting it apart was to see what the sealed compartments looked like inside. Since I was scrapping the boat I figured I could at least satisfy my curiosity about the floatation chambers! BTW, they were dry inside. Oh yeah, it was also a good excuse to play with my new chainsaw. I'm building another FL14 now and while the wood I'm using is only a little better than the wood I used back then, I will be fully glassing it inside and out to hopefully prevent the checking issues. If I were building a larger boat I'd spend the money on premium plywood, but one thing I've learned is that I enjoy building as much as I enjoy using and in the time I was away from this forum I built four other boats and gave two away just to make room for another build.

TedS, I love the idea of painting it red/white like a bobber, that's great fun! Time spent with your family is the best time so enjoy. If the boat does give you issues at some point, don't let it get you down. Just use it as a learning experience and build the next one even better. I'm sure you'll get some good use out of this one though, especially if you can store it indoors or under cover to keep the UV away from it.

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