Jaysen forgot to plan better.
1. He is copying a metric boat load of forum and BBC files to a set of new servers to help with performance and activity isolation.
2. Jaysen is moving processing of sites to new servers starting 9pET March 3. Not sure which ones will or will not move.
There should be no impact. If you see something wrong, swear at Jaysen on Jeff's behalf (he's too nice to do it himself).

Details are at viewtopic.php?p=485879#p485879

I apologize to you all for not planning better.

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About ready to order. How much will I need? OB19

sterling L.P. topcoats and primers
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* Bateau Builder - Expert *
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Re: About ready to order. How much will I need? OB19

Post by Steven »

shine wrote:The outside could maybe use another coat (I can see a few places) but that would take less than 9 oz of mixed paint (6 oz paint/3oz. catalyst).
Was that for the sides and transom? If so , 1 quart of white should be plenty for me. That would be 48 oz. mixed, which would be more than enough then.

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