Biobased Composite

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Biobased Composite

Post by RomanVilgut »

Hi Folks!

I resently read an article about a science project of the University Leoben that I want to share. It is an industry-focused university, 50 Km from my home. It is about an 2 component epoxy, which is made 100 Percent of biological ingridients.

I found a short article in english. ... components

I got the chance to talk to the head of the departement, a very smart woman. She told me, which ingridients they used. I am no chemist, so I don't understand the exact details.

The basis for the epoxy was linseed-oil. Mixed with vinegar-acid it transformes to epoxy. She said, every unsaturated would work. Insteas of fibreglass, they used hemp. It is very light, so they could use several layers. Very interesting was the hardener - simple citric acid. Of course, it is a powder and must be very fine grinded tojget a goos emulsion. In their tests this hemp-linseed-epoxy+citric acid perfrmed as well as usual fibreglass-epoxy. On an economic basis, it is even cheaper then classic fibre-epoxy.

Of course, this is early stage science. But I think it is very promising. What are your thoughts?

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Re: Biobased Composite

Post by fallguy1000 »

Hard to really understand if they don't supply a tds. Early research is so vague.
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Re: Biobased Composite

Post by Fuzz »

This would be a great thing if it does work as they hope.

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