New super clear finish cloth

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New super clear finish cloth

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We are stocking a new 3.25 oz. woven cloth. This glass cloth goes complete clear and is stronger than regular 4 oz cloth. We tested this cloth on a piece of Okoume plywood. We staggered the cloth so that there was 2 layers, then one layer, then only bare wood. After the epoxy cured, you cannot see any difference between the three spots.

Here is the link and a picture of the Okoume….. ... th_3.25_50


One trick to this glass is to use a spreader to work out the tiny air bubbles. the weave is super fine and it wants to trap air. Use this with a thin epoxy (Silvertip or Marinepoxy) for best "clear" results

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Excellent. Thank you.

Would 2 layers be sufficiently strong for a hull to deck seam on a kayak?

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