Spar varnish

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Re: Spar varnish

Post by TomW1 »

Looks great Fallguy. :D


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Re: Spar varnish

Post by pee wee »

If the purpose of those parts includes looking pretty, it was time well spent adding a second coat. :D

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Re: Spar varnish

Post by bklake »

One coat anything is like sirens calling sailors towards the rocks. It never works out well for either.

I think every CEO of a paint company should be sentenced to paint 10,000 sq/ft of surface with his, so called, one coat paint. If he can do it successfully, he is possessed by the devil and should be burned at the stake. If/when he can't, he will finally learn to stop calling stuff "one coat".

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Re: Spar varnish

Post by Evan_Gatehouse »

I'd also say "it is very easy to varnish thin strips on a bench". It is very hard to do them overhead against a liner. You need to wear a hat and use a lot of blue tape.

So I've strive for maximum longevity and put on another coat. It's fast to do and costs you only short amount of time for much better long term gain.
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Re: Spar varnish

Post by Browndog »

When using Spar Varnish on my past projects, I’ve found that three or four thin coats give excellent durability, protection and gloss. Especially if lightly rubbed with 400 grit paper or very fine steel wool before the last coat.

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