Bilge Opt-Out

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Re: Bilge Opt-Out

Post by gonandkarl »

Hallo everybody,

I must say You Americans really have a problem. First You invented the internet and then You are complaining one can read things there which one does not want to see and read. So dont read it and when Your concentration is on boatbuilding concentrate on it and use the internet with all its forums as a means of information or exchange how to build the thing.

Other conversations should be done with people face to face because that is what makes the human race, a social group with speech and fun, hopefully throughout the whole life.

Dont become lonely people, who spend their life between the boatshed and the bateau forum.
There is a beautiful world around us with lots of nice people.
Now is the time to communicate with them nearing Christmas no matter if they are Jewish, Christians, gay, lesbians,
rich or poor. If You dont like some of these then talk to the others or go to a psychiatrist and pay for the talk ( time; in my opinion the dumbiest way to talk ).

I wish all my friends at the bateau forum a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Greetings form Karl ( Austria )

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Re: Bilge Opt-Out

Post by jacquesmm »

Bravo Karl, well said.
Jacques Mertens - Designer

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