Drum sander

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Drum sander

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So I posted a picture of someone else doing this about a year or so ago and never got around to making any. They are very simple to make and work great.

Took my hole saw the size I need and a scrape piece of 1/2" plywood. Drill the number of disks I needed, since the hole saw already drills a hole dead center I just ran a 1/4" bolt through them to hold them together. As you can see from the picture, I held a piece of sand paper up to it after chucking it up on a drill. Didn't need it to be perfect. Then a quick slot cut on the band saw and there she is.

Since the drum is small I found a use from the pieces of sand paper that you you don't use in the sanding block clamps. Slide the sand paper in the slot and rotate the clockwise to wind the paper onto the drum. I used spray glue to hold it on but you could also just overlap the slot and it will hold the paper on while sanding.

I have 7 hatches that I needed to clean the latch open up on after the cloth was laid on them.
I chucked it up in the drill press and it cleaned the openings up nicely.

The hatches are ready for paint on the inside but a finish coat of neat epoxy before painting the top side.

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Re: Drum sander

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Good to see you posting again. Missed you man! :lol:

Great tip for the right price!

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