C21 ready

Post your launchings, and post-launch adventures here. Please keep the to plan/date format.
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Re: C21 ready

Post by Fuzz »

That is a nice looking boat for sure!

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Re: C21 ready

Post by bartmatthijs »

Honda 135 HP

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Re: C21 ready

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bartmatthijs wrote: Sun Jul 04, 2021 10:15 am Honda 135 HP
Nice motor and agoin your boat is a beauty. I did some preliminary calcs for you based on weights of other C21's I have worked with. I don't know if you did one tank or two, but with one tank, two people and other gear with a weight of 2500lb weight as you leave the dock. You will have a top speed of around the upper 40's. A proper prop would be around a 14.25D x 19P If you added the seconded fuel tank your top speed will go down to low to mid 40's and a prop of 14.25 x 18 would be appropriate.. But this all depends on your weight of your boat as it leaves the dock.

Good luck, enjoy the boat.

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Re: C21 ready

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Very nice! Congrats

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Re: C21 ready

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bartmatthijs wrote: Sat Jul 03, 2021 10:04 am No paint …. I made holes to put waterskis in it and cover it with wood pannels , foam and skai.

I used clips from sailrite to mount them
THIS is what I needed for the seat back on my console! Boat looks amazing, great work!
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Re: C21 ready

Post by APLJaK »

Gorgeous boat! ....and big! I love the interior, great job.

Matt Gent
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Re: C21 ready

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Great looking result! Nice finishing and I like the individuality of the layout.

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