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Re: panga 22

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cape man wrote: Fri Jan 14, 2022 6:30 am Wow! You did an amazing job!
X2 :D

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Re: panga 22

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There are only two seasons in Vermont: boating season, and boat-building season.

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Re: panga 22

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jljones wrote: Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:29 am I could not find pictures of the sapele deck construction, I did not have to steam it, started with the coaming, then the king plank at the bow to receive the ends of each strip,after cutting all the strips from 5/4 planks 9 ft long I cut scarf joints to glue up 24 ft strips,started with the strip resting on the coaming glueing it down with (yes),lots of clamps, for each of the remaining strips I glued and screwed with #8 2 1/2 in ss finishing screws through the edge, until I reached the rub rail glued on earlier, then with an electric planer I shaped the top and then lots of sanding

Here is a picture of the helm seat, after painting the top sides, I will be getting it out of the garage and on to a trailer and take it to St Pete Florida for the Yamaha 70 hp then I can post better pictures outside of my little garageIMG_20211201_151853861_HDR.jpg
Thanks for the details... beautiful work!

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