AD16 Questions for Jacques

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AD16 Questions for Jacques

Post by Jeff »

This question arrived via email: "Dear, I have read on the forum, that we could consult you for making the Adelie 16 even more suitable for offshore/ocean sailing. In short, what would those modifications be? What would the cost be for your consult on this? (More or less) Could she be scaled up a bit more? The idea is to get the maximum out of her in terms of size and that the could still fit in a 20 ft container. Build her in Europe, and ship her to solo sail the Caribbean. Her shallow draft would be perfect for the Bahamas. Kind regards," Jeff

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Re: AD16 Questions for Jacques

Post by jacquesmm »

Good question and I have a good answer: look at the VG18 instead of enlarging the AD16.
The hull is based on the same 5 panels but the boat has some features that improve seaworthiness.
The cockpit is deeper. Instead of sitting on the deck, you sit inside. This lowers the VCG. The leg well small, less volume, and we can raise the companion way panel.
We can do more like increase the specs for the rig and I can draw a pair of running backstays.
All together, for bluewater sailing, the VG18 is a better choice. She can fit in a standard container, maybe even in a half container (20' one). We could make part of the inside ballast removable for easy shipping. All that is relatively simple.
She is very roomy inside, almost the same as my VG20.
See a VG20 building story here:
The 18 is easier to build thanks to the integral keel.
Jacques Mertens - Designer

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Re: AD16 Questions for Jacques

Post by RT1978 »

Thank you Jacques and Jeff for your fast and well explained reply to my question!

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