My wife went away and I built a V12 in my living room!

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My wife went away and I built a V12 in my living room!

Post by spjoyce »

Maybe not the smartest thing I've ever done, but what can I say?

I've been a long-time lurker on these sites and have wanted to build a boat for ages. But I never seemed to have the time, or a place to build it. So when my wife planned to visit her parents for a few weeks, I started thinking.. and pacing out the dimensions of the living room, I thought just maybe I could do it! :D

I knew it would require an organized schedule and some very neat epoxy work. My plan was to do all the cutting and sanding outside, and the epoxy inside, get the boat finished and take it to a buddy's place for painting.

I got a v12 epoxy/glass kit from boatbuildercentral Europe and found some reasonable plywood locally. I must say things went pretty well: I spent about 8 days working stretched over 6 weeks or so. I would have liked to have it painted and launched by now, but got bogged down a bit with fairing and sanding and other priorities. Soon, real soon.

I built the row/motor version and mostly stuck to the plans. But I did incorporate a few tricks and mods I learned from reading these forums. I took lots of pictures and put some in my album.

I'll link just a few pics here.. you can check the album for the full build sequence. Don't laugh at my workspace :P

A tight squeeze for two sheets of plywood!

Stitching goes fast:

My bow came together real nice:

End of two days, ready for inside seams



Hey I can put it on the car myself!

Thanks Jacques for a great set of plans, I can't wait to get it in the water.

Steve in Umeå Sweden.

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Post by dewers »

Looks great, lets see more pics of her on the water


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Post by fishingdan »

You are a braver man than I!

The boat looks great. Great job!

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Post by laporter »

Well done Steve.

Looks great. Just goes to prove where there's a will there's a way. Does the wife know she has a boat yet? I don't think I'll be building the TW28 in my living room though.

Nicely done.

Yours Aye!
Rick, Lori & Shadow

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Post by tech_support »

This one goes into my favorite posts folder :D

Nice job!


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Post by chrisobee »

That's funny, usually the wife leaves after the boat building begins.... :D

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Post by jeremy »

Nicely done. I'm glad it fit out the door!

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Post by kiwi »

Next time I build in the house I'll take photos too I promise 8)

(far away from the sea for the week but saw trout swiming in the river today!)
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Post by Barney »

This is great! Very nice workmanship! I'd like to see close ups of your racks for getting the boat onto the car singlehanded - I had a go at something similar, but never succeeded and ended up getting a trailer
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Post by JerryF »

Wow, that is a beautiful boat. It must have taken near surgical precision and extreme care to build it inside the house. After building the GV11, my garage looked like a disaster area and still does.
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