Panga 20 - Completion

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Panga 20 - Completion

Post by ledwithjohn »

Well it took nine months to the day to complete the Panga 20. Started from scratch. Made the saw horses to cut the wood on, built the strongback with help from Jasmine. What a project.

Just posted three pictures, sorry I did not have the time to maintain a log as Jasmine did, but time did not allow for it.

Any comments please feel free to ask.

I am a little concerned about stability, as it was obvious that all weight must be kept in the center of the hull while underway. Assoon as someone steps off the center line of the boat, she begins to lean.

Great project, hope to spend many hours on the water enjoing this project.

John Ledwith

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Post by Jerry-rigged »

Looks Good!

Fishing from a paddle boat...

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Post by BilltheCat »

"Good" No, more than good! That's a sweet ride, perfect color. Bet you have gawkers at the ramp.

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Post by jacquesmm »

Great job.
About stability: the Pangas have the stability one can expect from their beam. They are long narrow boats. That makes them go smoothly through rough weather but at slow speed, they have less stability than beamier 20 footers. A C19 has a beam of 8', the longer Panga 20 has a beam of 6'. That's where the difference is. The good side is their smooth running in a chop and economy.
Jacques Mertens - Designer

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Yo Jerry!

Post by Jpatburke »

Great Job!
Ive been watchin you guys for 4 years build great lookin boats. I think I was waitin on the TX18! Hopefully Ill start one soon.

Im in Houston and have been kayakin Christmas for 7 years! We need to hook up!
I have an old Prism.


key largo panga
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Re: Panga 20 - Completion

Post by key largo panga »


I just bought plans for the Panga 22, and I'm curious about your build time. The plans suggest I can have one together in 100 hours. I'm getting the impression that's impossible. What was your experience?

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Re: Panga 20 - Completion

Post by D2Maine »


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