How to reset cookies

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How to reset cookies

Post by jacquesmm »

If you experience problems with the message board like no unread messages or no automatic login, you may have to reset cookies.
This is how it is done in MS Explorer:
go to Tools
On the General tab click Delete Cookies
Next time you login, a new cookie will be created and everything will be fine.
IF you do not want to delete all cookies:
go to Tools
On the General tab click Settings
then click View Files
Click in the title bar on Internet Address, that will sort the list
in the list, look for files with an internet address that looks like 209.190 etc.
Those are the old cookies from our message board. Delete those cookies.
Close and open browser, login, problem solved.

The procedure is about the same in Firefox:
Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> show cookies
delete etc.

After the message board name change, I did reset my cookies and everything works fine on 3 different computers, same for most of us.

If you do not accept any cookies, nothing will work.
Sorry but that is an excessive setting and it does not provide any security. Cookies are not dangerous. There is no invasion of privacy with a cookie, no program is installed in your computer. A cookie is like a name tag that tells the server who you are.
If you don't want the server to know who you are, it will ask you to log in manually each time and it will not know which message you have already seen.

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Re: How to reset cookies

Post by Dougster »

:D I'm finally back on. Thank you Jacque for the detail on how to delete cookies. I was just pressing the delete cookies button on the website, which didn't work for me.

Back in business Dougster

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