OD16 Launch

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OD16 Launch

Post by rcihard »

Well she's been in the water. Just come back from launching our od16 and I have to say it was a great day! The boats been in the local marine shop for a day and a half having the motor and steering and electricals wired up. The owner allowed me to work with the crew fitting all the gear, this primarily done by the second year apprentice, who is 18 years old, blonde going by the name of Rosie (check my gallery)! She was fantastic and knew everything about the motor, electricals and set up, by the time she finishes her fourth and final year she will be an absolute wiz.
The boat ran well, Grant (marine shop owner) realy put the boat through her paces, made several adjustments to the motor settings and pronounced her ready except for some minor steering adjustments and a lot of work on the trailer to make retrievel easier.
The whole crew loved the boat by the way (despite my crappy paint job)
I have no technical details relating to speed etc other than to say she seemed to be just about flying at wot (running a new 30hp 2 stroke suzuki).
Again I dont know how to post pics direct to this thread but have some in my gallery of the launch, not great photos but wil post more when swmbo and I take the boat out tomorrow. I still have some fittings and other minor work to do to completely finish her, but right now I am over the moon. Thanks to all for their advice and suggestions over the last tweleve months


PS Ive started looking at other boat plans already, is this normal????

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Re: OD16 Launch

Post by WobblyLegs »

rcihard wrote:Ive started looking at other boat plans already, is this normal????
I think so...

Looking good:


Well done!

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Post by msujmccorm »

Beautiful boat. Unfortunately it sounds like you have been infected with BBV (boat building virus). It's becoming an epidemic around here.
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Post by jeremy »

Congratulations Richard! She looks great.

Here's the link to your album:


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Post by tech_support »

Probably the best looking outboard mechanic I have ever seen 8)

Nice job on the boat, looks good. Enjoy it

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Post by mecreature »

She is a beauty...

nice boat too. :oops:

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Post by fishingdan »

Congratulations! Job well done.

Nice technician too! I got to get me one of those.

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Post by Cracker Larry »

Fantastic. 8)

Yeah, it's normal :wink:
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Post by bermudian »

Great job, she (the boat)looks great. PS Ive started looking at other boat plans already, is this normal???? [/quote] I hear there is a 12 step program for BBV

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Post by MadRus »

Nice job, there are quite a few sweet looking ODs around this month.

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