TW28 build in steel?

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Re: TW28 build in steel?

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Correct about the weight but Al is not as stiff as our plywood epoxy. An Al hull will require more framing, shorter panel span. All that is possible but it should be done by an experienced aluminum builder or designer. Get the Dave Gerr book, Elements of Boat Strength. It's easy to read and will tell you the basics.

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TW28 hull in steel?
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Re: TW28 build in steel?

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TomW1 wrote: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:54 pm Dusan here is a weight calculator for 6061 aluminum which is what you should you should use in salt water or 5052. I have it set for 1/16 and I checked 1/8 and it is double the weight. The 1/16 is about equal a 4'x8'x1/4" Meranti plywood sheet. ... 02700%20kg.

You and your builder will have to convert the plans to aluminum. There will be many places where you can reduce the thickness of the wood due the strength of the aluminum. There have been many builders on here that have done so on there own and made great boats. Good luck with yours.

Many Thanks!

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