A Swedish GV15

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A Swedish GV15

Post by zigge »

Well, it's time. Big time.

As a hardcore fisherman, I've been looking all over for "The Boat", and for some years, been the owner of a bog standard leisure boat with some fishing accessories. Sold that one on, kept my offshore boat(which is a fantastic 23 feet WA with a 300hp Suzuki), and now focusing on a pure fishing machine for lake an inshore fishing. Buying an Lunds, Tracker or an Oz Quintrex is not an option, simple to much details,this and that, fluffy carpets and whatnot....

The criteria:
- Shallow going vessel
- Will fit in my garage(well, a Swedish garage is by standard not like an US one, that are built for a Buick Electra 560 as a family car. We drive Volvo's....)
- As a keen fly Fisherman, all that sticks out in ANY WAY is a possible tangle. This means a CLEAN deck. I mean CLEAN.
- Sideways stable

At the end, the GV15 seem's to fit my needs, so the plans was ordered a few months back, and now it's time to start building. Here in Sweden, getting hold of marine plywood and fiberglass as specified is a challenge, and there is some slight modifications in cloth weight that have to be mitigated.

However, the build have started, marine ply beeing in shipment, and the jig is prepared.

Have been following this forum for quite some time, and I think I have caught up all the little snags that could hit you in the a**...

As stated, anything that sticks out is a sin(big sin..), and therefore a clean deck with rod storage is a priority, and the final layout will be due to change.

Stay tuned.


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Re: A Swedish GV15

Post by wegcagle »

Welcome to the group. :D

I have a marathon GV15 build that I've been working on for WAY too long :oops:

I changed my layout to a center console with a really large front deck. That maybe something for you to look at, since you are a flyfisherman. All I did to make the front deck bigger was to cut the first bulkhead level with the top of the gunnels. It's a really big dance floor for a 15 foot boat 8)

Here's a couple of pictures to describe what I'm talking about:



Good luck,


GV15, D4 done! Dreaming about the next one

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