E-Cat 24

Questions and Answers about the Woods Designs, multihulls and others.
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Re: E-Cat 24

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The Woods Skootas top out around 22-23 knots...so pretty close to 25.

Real numbers were proven in Cornwall in August of 2018.

They are really a much different boat than the boats designed by Jacques.

This is why I suggest the SOR.

My boat build is here -------->


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Re: E-Cat 24

Post by Bartman »

jacquesmm wrote: Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:42 am
Bartman wrote: Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:43 am Well checking in to see if there are any E-Cat 24 builds yet?? This still speaks to me. I wish it were a little more power and a little faster. I'd like to ideally reach 25 kts but I could live with 20. I've thought about building a Woods but just with a deck to get a little more speed but I like the shape of the E-Cat 24 hulls. I really don't care for the look of the hard chine above the waterline on the woods. Please, please don't take that the wrong way. What a great boat, what a great designer Woods is. The Skoota as designed looks great but for me, if I strip it down to a deck, I don't like that hard chine above the water line.
The EC24 is my design, not Richard's. :D
I agree that he is a great designer.
The EC24 was designed with a very specific goal: super efficiency at a reasonable speed. To go faster than the designed speed will double or triple the power requirement. You will also need to reinforce the bottom and the beams which means more weight which means more power, a spiral that goes against the original goal.
If you want to go fast, look at my pontoon boats like the PC24. You"ll get to 25 mph certainly, not 25 kn.
Same for the Woods designs, 25 knots is asking too much.
I know you are not Woods and I apologize if my comment sounded that way. My point was visually, I prefer the lines of the E-Cat over a skoota without a structure.

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