Modifying an open sailboat into something AD-like.

Sail Boats 15' and up. Please include the boat type in your question.
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Modifying an open sailboat into something AD-like.

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New to this forum. Spent a few hours yesterday marveling over various people's work building AD14/15s.

I love the look and the efficient use of space.

I don't have a place or the time to build one of these from the ground up. Ohhh, yeah, I'm a cheap SOB too. That might factor into it.

But, there are countless open/cuddy cabin type daysailer hulls out there that can be bought for next to nothing. Why not take one of these, which is essentially about 3/4 (or better) of the boat already built, and just build the cabin?

My guess is, it has already been done. If it has, can someone link such a thread?

Would also like to hear comments on this idea.

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