Aquatek 6566 Glass? Epoxy?

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Aquatek 6566 Glass? Epoxy?

Post by jbo_c »

Obviously will be glassing the portions that comprise the hull and deck, but is there any reason to glass the exterior cabin panels? Is checking so much of a non-concern that there’s no need for even very lightweight glass?

What about BS1088?

If it doesn’t need glass because checking is no concern, does it even need epoxy? What about just a good paint?


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Re: Aquatek 6566 Glass? Epoxy?

Post by cape man »

I am of the "seal everything" in epoxy crowd. I did not glass the interior parts of the sole, console, and hatches but they are all completely sealed in several layers of epoxy before painting (did not paint the bottom of the sole).
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Re: Aquatek 6566 Glass? Epoxy?

Post by OneWayTraffic »

For areas where no glass is specified in the plans epoxy alone should be sufficient, but a thin layer of glass adds little cost or weight, provides some abrasion resistance and ensures that you will not ever see checking. It's an option, but it's surely easier to glass at first than repair and repaint after plywood checking.

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Re: Aquatek 6566 Glass? Epoxy?

Post by TomW1 »

As long as you are using marine plywood BS1088 or better a coat of epoxy and good marine paint should work well. Don't go to cheap on the paint.

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