Tiller controls in 17 ft range

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Re: Tiller controls in 17 ft range

Post by cracked_ribs »

Not necessarily...I have a full height bulkhead ahead of the motorwell. I don't find it to be an issue.

Ideally, if you put the motor on a jackplate, you can run a longer shaft motor, and get the tiller up pretty high, which gets it even more space. But I ran a motor at first that needed to run lower than the transom... and it still worked.


Lousy pic of an unfinished boat but full height bulkhead, tiller motor. Works great. Holes cut for a side console for the future. Part of the reason I'm sticking with these old motors is you can rig them with controls, without necessarily giving up the tiller. I want both.

I designed my own boat. This is the build thread:


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Re: Tiller controls in 17 ft range

Post by TomW1 »

The tiller is above the transom and above the motorwell as I recall. If not it will tilt up to allow you to make up the difference. That is the one direction is is flexible in I believe.

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Re: Tiller controls in 17 ft range

Post by OneWayTraffic »

The bulkhead needs to be there for structure, but the height of it is to do with safety. If you have a large sealed compartment/seat there then there's a fair margin safety wise. If you need to cut it, do so.

As drawn the motorwell bulkhead is 30" above the keel (not including any skeg) and 27" if you cut it straight across (no camber) to sit on.

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Re: Tiller controls in 17 ft range

Post by TomTom »

My feeling is the FS 17 would fit your needs best. It will be easier to build and also easier to keep light than the OB17. I have an OD 18 - it’s a very capable boat - and built light would work well - but I don’t like the flat bottom personally.

A Panga 20 with a tiller would be a very efficient boat for your needs as well.

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