PH22 alternate layout

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PH22 alternate layout

Post by fallguy1000 »

So, considering the pH22 for a bay boat for Texas and wanting to use it as a Plan B boat for bad weather.

A drawing with a few questions.

First of all, the aft bench really hogs fishing space. Can the forward frame be made sides and sole only?

Second, can I make the blue areas into seats? Or is the splashwell BH gonna need to be all the way up? If so, I can livewell those areas; otherwise, I would put livewell up front.

I want to make the boat comfortable for six adults with four fishing. If all four can't cast; we can probably cork fish one guy, but the seating needs revision.

The 'bench' as drawn here doesn't even look like a bench.

I can't add a picture here; darnit...I'll put a picture in the repair forum.

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Re: PH22 alternate layout

Post by jacquesmm »

I replied to your other post.

What you see in the back is an aft deck. Builders use it as a storage place with things like tackle boxes under it and put cushions on it when they have passengers. With the cushions, it becomes a bench. You can modify it the way I described it in your other post; leave it under the sole, leave 3" above all around.
When modifying it, keep storage in mind.
You can eliminate the motorwell bulkhead but that becomes unsafe.
Jacques Mertens - Designer

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