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Post by JSHaley »

The HM19 offers a lot of what I am convincing myself I want in a boat:
  • Towable with a vehicle rated for 3500lbs
  • Seating for 4-5 with cockpit bench option
  • Economical displacement speeds but the option to increase to planing with larger motor
  • Weekend camping accommodations
  • Seaworthy enough for Coastal Great Lake cruising and also to deal with the "washing machine" effect of many wakes on smaller lakes
  • Decent performance with smaller engines
  • Buildable in two car garage(?)
Two quick questions I could not get from study plans:

- I see a suggested HP of 50 for speeds of 24+MPH and 10hp for displacement. Would a 20-25hp get her up on plane with a lower top end? I think the majority of my cruising would be displacement but occasionally would like to move quicker. I guess the question is what HP would be required to get her on plane with 2-3 on board.

- Study plans show 8' between rear of cockpit and cabin bulkhead. Jacque really changed the way I think about berths with the Houseboat 18. Wife not keen on small places. I am of the vintage where I visit the head at night. I am thinking about side benching in cockpit that can be used as berths under canvas and dedicating all or part of the cuddy to the "throne room." Possibly have fold down helm seating similar to the old Chris Craft Catalina's or demountable. I understand the helm sole is lower than cockpit sole but could still have a level sleeping platform.

Thank you


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Re: HM19

Post by jacquesmm »

No to the 1st question, yes to the second one.

A 25 HP will move the boat a little faster than a 10HP but will never get her on plane when loaded with more than one person. Plus, that engine will run ay high rpm to get above 8 mph.
It's a 50 or a 10 with no reasonable choice in between.
Now, a 20 or 25 can be fine if you are happy with displacement speeds.

For the longitudinal bench: yes, no problem.
Jacques Mertens - Designer

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